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Gospel Diva

Gospel Diva

Musical Sermons

Musical Sermons

Chenille Speaks to Youth, Women Ministries, Revivals, Worship services, Churches and schools
Chenille Sings aka Gospel Diva or GospelDiva

"You can't put Chenille into words. It's remarkably miraculous how well she reached our youth." -Kelly S. (Arkansas)

Popular Topics:
Develop Unshakable Faith in Jesus Christ
-Find Your True Identity & Purpose 
- How Do You Get Answers to Your Prayers?
- Spiritual Muscles: 
You're Stronger than You Think! 
- Your Destiny Still Awaits!
- What is Your Legacy?
- Divorce-Your Plan B Is God's Plan A
- Finding Joy through Jesus Christ

Chenille is a gifted vocalist and experienced presenter with a passion for helping people, especially young people find their faith and reach their full potential.

With fun audience participation and her powerful musical sermon, Chenille inspires and motivates her audience. She draws on her own experiences of heartache, adversity and love of God to show that with faith and knowledge of who we are, anything is possible.


Using improv and her intense love of her students from owning 2 performing art schools, she has the skills and expertise to engage and inspire even the most skeptical or disengaged youth.

So why wait? Book Chenille for your next event and watch your students be inspired and motivated to reach their full potential.

Chenille Sings testimonial

Dominique E., Georgia 

I have been a fan for years, and every time I listen to your music, I feel inspired and filled with hope. You are truly a special artist, and I am grateful for the impact you have had on my life and the lives of so many others. Thank you, Chenille, for spreading joy and positivity through your beautiful music."

Chenille Review & Testimonial

David O., Arizona

Chenille is unique and striking, her voice commands attention with its signature sound and spectacular range that is unmatched by any other. I've witnessed several performances in England and in the States and her refined nuances are of the highest artistic merit.  

Chenille Sings Review

Damion M., Texas

"I was thoroughly impressed by Chenille's musical presentation. The power and thought-provoking nature of her performance left a lasting impact and inspired me to reflect on my own growth. The incorporation of music added an extra layer of emotion to her message, making it all the more powerful. I highly recommend Chenille's presentations."

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